Calverts or the Match Lake -

record catch 297.4lbs  


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Lodge Lake - 23 pegs


Lodge Lake with its 23 platforms has a variety of species. The carp are of the Fishers Pond strain and are without doubt superb sport.


There are a high number of double figure fish in this lake. Also within the lake are Tench (gold and green), Bream, Perch, Roach, Crucians and Barbel.





  Calvert Lake (The Match Lake) - 28 pegs


A picturesque lake with 28 pegs for match and pleasure fishing with varied sizes of most species.


Local Angling Clubs regularly use this lake for their matches. It contains carp, crucians, silvers, bream, chubb, tench and many more species.  Andy Hayden has the lake daily catch record with a fantastic 297.4lbs - amazing!  



 Kingsfishers Canal - 10 pegs


A reproduction of a canal which is ideal for small matches or corporate days. This lake is stocked with Carp, Barbel, Roach, Crucians, Bream, Tench, (gold and green) and Chubb.


All three lakes are fishing really well at the moment, so why not come down and have a go yourselves?  SEE YOU THERE!


2016 is destined to be a great year ...for you and us!